2021 Women in Law Japan Mentoring Program


The Women in Law Japan (WILJ) Mentoring Program was created in 2017 and is now on its fourth year in 2021.

This program provides mentees with an informal platform to gain insights from experienced WILJ legal professionals on questions in relation to career progression, dealing with difficult or challenging situations in the work place and other topics of importance.

The WILJ events, particularly the mentoring events which are regularly conducted by Women in Law Japan would compliment this program by giving the mentors and mentees an opportunity in which to meet up, where the subject matter of such events are appropriate for both mentors and mentees. These concurrent and regular mentoring events may also provide the mentees the basic skills required for career development or allow the mentors and mentees to have specific topics and issues which they could discuss with each other.


We have already finished the pairing of the mentors and mentees for the 2021 Women in Law Japan Mentoring Program.

If you wish to participate in the next one, please contact us at mentoring@womeninlawjapan.org to express your interest.

We will respond to you shortly.