Online Event


Date : September 08, 2021
Time : 17:00 – 18:30
Cost : Free
Every organisation has them, and the field of law is no exception – stories that are given life and truth by being retold over and over again. “Women are too emotional”; “Women are not interested in a career”; “We are hiring the best person for the job, regardless of gender”; and, highly topical in Japan: “Women speak too much”. We think we are rational beings, but our brains are lazy. We don’t question many facts that have obvious contradictions. This causes many myths to be taken for face value and retold over and over again.

Join Mette Johansson in this webinar talk with Moderator Aramide Fields of the WILJ Executive Committee, where Mette will share with WILJ a different perspective on these workplace myths that she is collecting for her next book, as well as arguments to stop them in their track. We are honored to bring you this event with the sponsorship of JERA’s Legal Group.

This will be an interactive deep dive to take us boldly back into work mode after the summer break. WILJ members will hear from Mette how to shatter these myths in our daily lives in our law firm and legal department environments. We will also have breakout sessions so attendees can meet other WILJ members and guests and go deeper into dismantling these narratives!

In this webinar, Mette will talk about:

o The narratives that hold back women at work and
how these came about
o How to question myths and not take them at face
o Techniques to smash these narratives and push
forward at work
o Mette’s new book and her training programs

Listen to this webinar via this link.