Mentoring 2020.03.23


Through WILJ’s mentoring program, we assist our members to connect with each other to discuss their personal and career development. We match up mentors and mentees on a one-on-one basis and provide opportunities to meet in groups. Members can benefit from the supportive network, whatever career stage they are in. If you would like to have more information, please contact us through the Contact page on our website.

The 2021 Women in Law Japan Mentoring Program is ongoing and thus we no longer accept new applicants. however, if you wish to participate in the next one please contact Lani Vinas, Naoko Adachi, Aramide Fields, Pavitra Iyer, Hojung Jun or fill-out the form below and click submit by January 31, 2021. Otherwise, please contact to express your interest by the deadline.

We will respond to you shortly after receiving your application regarding your match up for the 2021 Women in Law Japan Mentoring Program.

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