Yuko Kaneko

Yuko is an executive committee member of WILJ, Corporate Counsel of Renesas Electronics Corporation. After graduating from the University of Tokyo (Japan) with an LL.B., Yuko obtained her qualification as an attorney-at-law in Japan in 2000, and commenced working as a private practice lawyer in Nishimura & Partners (currently Nishimura & Asahi). In 2010, Yuko took up a new in-house counsel role as Manager, Legal Affairs Office at a U.S.-based company and thereafter she has served as General Manager, Legal & Compliance Department at a Japanese listed company. In 2018 she obtained her LL.M. at Florida Coastal School of Law and in 2019 she was certified as a Certified Fraud Examiner. Yuko is a registered lawyer of the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association, and a member of the Bulletin Committee at the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association. She also served as a permanent member of the said Bar Association in 2020. She also serves as a judge of Intercollege Negotiation Competition from 2019. She lives in Tokyo, Japan, with her husband and three children.